Maplewood Cemetery

Located at 199 Maple Dr. in the Village of Camillus, the Cemetery contains 2,013 memorials and has been active since at least 1874.

The Munro Family

Welcome Sign

Belle Isle Cemetery

Located in Belle Isle, the cemetery features at least 2,895 memorials and has been around since 1838 when the Methodist Church was founded in the same location.

The Hinsdale Family

Entrance Sign

"Little Mary"

Revolutionary War Veteran

View from the road

Former Methodist Church

Robbins Cemetery

Located off on Scenic Dr In Camillus, a small cemetery of 163 graves includes the Dixon Family. The most recent burial may be Lucy Johnson in 1907.

William and Jane Dixon

Entrance sign

Dixon family plot

View from the road

Sumner and Eliza Blood Darling

Hugh McCall

Fairmount Cemetery

Located on West Genesee Street, 219 graves include the Sherwood, Whedon and Plum Families, among others.

Sherwood Family

Entrance sign

Hubbard M. Gaylord

William and Dennison Whedon

Plum Family

Elijah G. Rust

Oswego Bitter Cemetery

Located on Bennetts Corner Rd, there are 331 recorded graves including the Paddocks, Gilleys, Wilcoxs, and Van Alstines, among others

Entrance sign

View from the road

Samuel Gilley

Howlett Hill Cemetery

Located on Howlett Hill Road, 815 graves include the Howletts, Kassons, and Searles, among others.

The Howlett Family

C.D. Bingham

Philander S. White