Camillus History Lesson Plan

As elementary school students in New York State typically study local history in the fourth grade, here are educational opportunities pertaining to Camillus history.

Camillus History Lesson Plan

This Camillus History lesson plan will provide teachers and students with activities they can do to learn more about the growth and development of the town of Camillus over the centuries. The lesson plan is available on the West Genesee School District's Google Drive for fourth-grade teachers.

The format presented in the unit is geared toward fourth-grade students working in both a group setting and independently. Since New York history is typically part of the fourth-grade curriculum, the activities in this lesson plan that is centered on local Camillus history can be used to enhance current lesson plans or given as additional enrichment opportunities. Teachers are encouraged to adapt the unit to your specific class needs. The success of this unit is based on how students will interact positively with the material and gain perspective and appreciation for Camillus’ place in the history of the United States.

Camillus History Activity Sheets

Click on the images below for a printable word search and a crossword puzzle.

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Camillus History Crossword Puzzle

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